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A Ramnop loan is a short-term loan granted for certain collateral. Collateral must include assets that can be pledged. These assets may be either stocks or precious metals. The Ramnop loan is a short-term cash injection.

What are Ramnop loans used for?

What are Ramnop loans used for?

The Ramnop loan is a short-term cash injection that is given without earmarking. For what the Ramnopkredit is used so can not be said flat rate. Often it will settle open and urgent bills, or necessary goods will be procured. Ramnop loans are used equally by individuals and businesses. Even banks resort to Ramnop loans when securities are placed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ramnop loan

  • credit bureau : The Ramnop loan is awarded without credit bureau.
  • Availability: Ramnop loan is available quickly.
  • Collateral: Valuables do not have to be sold.
  • Interest rates: Particularly favorable interest rates possible.
  • Review: Valuables must be checked.
  • Loss: If the loan can not be serviced, you lose the valuables.
  • Tee: Valuables are valued at a discount.

The Flantebank Ramnop rate determines the amount of interest and is determined on the basis of the general interest rate level. The interest for the end customer is also based on the general interest rate, but it also takes into account the value of attachable collateral.

What can serve as attachable security in the Ramnop loan

What can serve as attachable security in the Ramnop loan

The banks themselves and very individually decide which liens are accepted. However, the most common deposits are precious metals or securities. Here, the bank has no problems with the valuation and the sale is very simple and easy for the bank to realize. In the case of pawnshops, however, all sorts of other objects can also be borrowed and converted into a Ramnop loan.

Regardless of whether pawnshop or bank, the attachable values ​​can never be lent to 100 percent of the market value. The discount is intended to protect the lender against losses in value. Objects can usually be mortgaged with between 20 and 70 percent of the market value.

For securities, you only move between 40 and 50 percent. This protects the banks from price losses.

Ramnopkredit Datasheet:

  • Cash injection for short-term duration
  • Valuables serve as attachable securities
  • Pawnshops & Banks grant Ramnop loans
  • Deductions of valuables
  • Interest rates are very favorable due to the collateral
  • Loan amount is determined by the value of the attachable items

The following Ramnop loans are common:
Merchandise Ramnop : goods are delivered by traditional paper as security for the Ramnop loan. For example, the loan can be used to finance additional goods
Securities Lending : Here the banks lend, with a sum for the lending limit of the securities.
Ramnopkredit: This loan is no longer to be found at banks, but rather in pawnshops. All types of precious metals can be converted into cash with a paragraph.

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