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That’s the actual interest rate of your loan. You can use the Overdraft Loan Calculator to calculate interest on an overdraft. If account overdrafts are tolerated, additional overdraft interest may be taken into account upon request. A residual credit insurance is recommended. You use the “savings bank formula” to calculate the nominal interest rate.

Overdraft Loan Calculator – Calculate interest on overdrafts and tolerated overdrafts

Overdraft Loan Calculator - Calculate interest on overdrafts and tolerated overdrafts

You can use the overdraft facility to calculate the interest on an overdraft facility. In the case of tolerated overdraft facilities, additional overdrafts may be included on request. If necessary, credit institutions can grant their debtors an overdraft facility (“dispo”): this gives the debtor the option to override his current account and to take out a short-term loan.

As a rule, the interest rates are calculated quarterly, the interest rates on a daily basis. The overdraft facility granted by BuyNer is not the same as an overdraft by the borrower. The current account credit is a credit offer of the house bank with a fixed upper limit. If the account is overdrawn over this maximum amount, no loan will be issued.

The credit institution can (but does not have to) agree on a disposition outside the fixed credit limit: this is referred to as a “tolerated overdraft” which must be repaid at a correspondingly higher interest rate. The interest is based on 360 interest days per year. With the current account calculator, the tolerated overdraft can be calculated by selecting the relevant field: The current account credit is calculated using the current account credit calculator:

After activating the box (“Additional overdraft interest”), you can enter an overdraft facility and an additional sentence for the Duldung. Loan amounts exceeding the allowable credit limit of the overdraft facility will then bear interest at the rate applicable to the tolerated overdraft facility. The calculator calculates an average interest rate that is calculated from the overdraft interest and the overdraft interest.

The way into your own four walls

The way into your own four walls

Whether you want to build, acquire, modernize or replace your credit – your savings bank advisor will gladly make you a personal financing offer and advise you on the possibilities of public funding. Long-term fixed interest rates provide security against rising interest rates. With a corresponding equity investment (eg 20%) you can realize your construction project more easily and save interest.

Always consider appropriate protection – for yourself, your loved ones and your wealth. Example: 1.23% effective interest rate with a net loan amount of 150,000 USD and mortgage liens amounting to 50% of the effective acquisition and production costs with a target interest rate of 1.20 pa tied for 5 years plus building insurance costs.

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