Month: August 2019

Borrowing Money Instantly: How to Make Money Quickly – Cheap loans in credit comparison.

0 Comments August 22, 2019

  There are always situations in which liquid funds are needed quickly. Old bills have been left lying and the visit by the bailiff should be avoided, or there is a short-term bargain that you would not want to miss. There are many situations in which urgently more money is needed urgently than is available. […]

Nominal and annual percentage rate – what is the difference? – Cheap loans in the credit comparison

0 Comments August 21, 2019

Banks often use the terminology of nominal and APR to their clients. As a borrower or as an investor in money capital, however, one should know the main differences between the two terms. The nominal annual interest The nominal annual interest rate, often referred to as the nominal interest rate, is the interest rate that […]

Short term loan – Cheap loans in the credit comparison.

0 Comments August 18, 2019

A Ramnop loan is a short-term loan granted for certain collateral. Collateral must include assets that can be pledged. These assets may be either stocks or precious metals. The Ramnop loan is a short-term cash injection. What are Ramnop loans used for? The Ramnop loan is a short-term cash injection that is given without earmarking. […]

Installment payment vs. Consumer Loan!

0 Comments August 6, 2019

  More and more often, especially electronic markets offer a cost-effective installment, already from the first euro. If the credit is insufficient, so all kinds of consumer goods can still be purchased. More and more often Germans finance fun products that are not needed to survive on pump. An alternative, of course, would be a […]

So you can save to grow your business

0 Comments August 5, 2019

Do you have your own business ? Have you noticed that your income and expenses are tight or are you simply on negative ground, producing losses? This could be because you don’t know how to save to make your business grow. And there are unnecessary expenses that could be out of your budget, Avoiding them […]